Saturday, July 13, 2013


All you need to learn in life you can learn from watching "A Bronx Tale."

Okay, maybe that is a bit of a stretch.

I know this is a music blog, but on a couple of occasions (HERE and HERE), I have participated in blogfests listing my favorite movies.

One movie that always makes the cut is 1993’s A Bronx Tale, starring Robert DeNiro in his directorial debut and featuring/written by Chazz Palminteri.

This excellent film opens with the sounds of romance in the Bronx (“Marie! Get in the f*&king car!”). There are a few violent scenes, but mostly the story is about a boy who is drawn to the local gangster against the wishes of his bus-driver father.

I also love the film because of all the important life lessons contained within. You may think I say this in jest, but all you need to know in life, you can learn from watching this film.

And I am going to prove it.

Today continues a series of posts describing the valuable  lessons contained in the film.

“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.”

Lesson 3: Cut Your Losses

In the movie, Louie, a neighborhood punk owes Calogero twenty dollars.

Louie always avoids C and one day, reaching the breaking point, C chases after him.

They pass by the corner Sonny is standing on, and Sonny flags C down and asks what he is doing.

Before C catches Louie and starts an altercation, he gets some good advice from Sonny.

"It costs you $20 to get rid of him."
The point was that for $20, this punk from the neighborhood would never ask C for money or bother him again. For twenty dollars, this guy is out of his hair for good.

Your lesson? Sometimes you're better off cutting your losses and moving on.

This scene is great, but there are a few f-bombs that drop.


  1. Yeah, that was a great scene. It's an excellent movie, period. (Man, I hope you're going to find a way to slip in the scene of the brawl between the bikers and the mafiosos. Did I spell "mafiosos" correctly? I ain't Italian, so their language is Greek to me.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Good question...I am not certain if Mafioso is also the plural, but if not, I guess you spelled it right.

      So many great scenes, but you gotta know that the biker scene is a must!

      Hey-did you ever leave a comment on the other blog? I never saw it come through...

  2. No, I still haven't gotten to that. I intend to yet, but I'll be so late with my comment as to be irrelevant.

    Somehow I have fallen way behind in my reading and commenting. Some bloggers probably think I've stopped reading their stuffs... but I haven't. I don't know why I'm so sluggish now.

    Also, I read your blog bit about the "roundabouts", and you KNOW I wanna comment on that too. I will, but first I need to get a new thang posted on my own blog. (That 'Stone Cold Sober' song is going to ruin my reputation if I don't knock it down a peg pretty soon.)

    Last remark, for now... I meant to say this before but I (ahem) forgot: The way that kid runs in 'A BRONX TALE' is hard to watch (and he runs several times in the movie). He seems so unathletic because he's, like, straight up and down when he runs. There's no forward lean to his body at all. I don't know, just something "strange" about the way he runs.

    They shoulda had a stuntboy do the running scenes for him.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'