Monday, March 17, 2014


Robin from Your Daily Dose posed these ten questions, and I promised to post my take on them. 

This is posting later than I planned...I promised the next day, but last week was kind of crazy and I had two posts scheduled at the end of the week. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

You can read this post between sips of Guinness and bites of corned beef and cabbage.

Have you ever met someone famous?

Quite a few, actually, depending on your definition of fame and your definition of meet.

I just went on a cruise where the band members were mingling and dining with us common folk. I met members of Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Big Elf, and Marillion (to name a few).

I've met Todd Rundgren several times (is he famous?). 

At the Arizona Musical Instrument Museum, the artists usually come out for signings afterwards Some of those I've met are Todd Snider, Al Stewart, Maria Muldaur, Rickie Lee Jones and Booker T. Jones (although I don't think they are related). Ronnie Spector did not come out after the heart is still broken. 

I've had the same experience at many other small venues (meeting the act after the show), so I have also briefly met The Dear Hunter, Pat Travers, David Bromberg, Jeff Healy, Buddy Guy, Tommy Castro, and others I am sure I am forgetting. No disrespect to the artists I am forgetting-I go to a lot of concerts and my memory is not what it used to be, and it never used to be much.

In 1988, I was on a plane going to LA and said "excuse me" to Axl Rose (I needed to get by him to get to the rest room) but did not know who he was (figured him for a rock star). 

In high school, a couple of us drove to a bar in Jersey where we'd been told Bruce Springsteen frequently appeared. He did. This was after Born To Run (before Darkness), so he should qualify as famous at that point.

But beyond a quick handshake...not really. 

And honestly, I don't go too far out of my way for that quick handshake meeting, especially if I do not have a CD or record to be signed. Again, no disrespect to any artist-my music collection is adequate demonstration of how I value your work, but I respect your privacy and know that you're probably tired of shaking strange hands.

There are a few celebrities that I'd love to be able to have a discussion with, but doubt I would ever get that chance.

What concert would you pay a "ridiculous" amount of money to see? The person or band can be dead or alive.

Well I have already paid ridiculous amounts to see Todd Rundgren ($225 in 2009) and Bruce Springsteen ($150 in 1988)…but I'd match the old Saturday Night Live offer from the mid-seventies and pay $3,000 to the Beatles for a living room concert in my house.

What personality trait do you like best about yourself?

What if I can't think of one?

If you could meet a character in a book, who would you choose?

Would I have to meet them in a book? 

There is only one book worth reading, and only one character worth meeting!

I'd have green eggs and ham with Sam-I-Am! 

(in a box with a fox).

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?

Oh sure, now I win it…after I already own all the CD's. 

I honestly do not know what I would do-the things I want in life cannot be purchased. 

I never play the lottery because I really have no interest in winning. Most people do not believe me when I say that, but those who know me know.

Do you believe that there is such a thing as "having it all"?

I do, but in my opinion it has nothing to do with money. 

I have been pretty blessed in this life. There are a couple of "things" that if I had, I feel like I would have it all (at least in this world). 

I'm working on them…the quest continues.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience of any kind?

No. I do not believe in such a thing. 

However, I am willing to concede that my skepticism may not make me open to such things.

What is the most important trait for a person to have in order to achieve success in their life? Job? Relationships? (It can be one trait that ties them all together or separate ones...)

I do not define success in the traditional sense. Money is not success. Money is a measure of wealth, which can come to you through your own efforts, through strokes of luck, or from your ancestors.

Happiness is success, but all too often that is as easy as making a choice to be happy.

Having your health is a good step towards success-hard to enjoy life if you are bed-ridden.

Having someone to share whatever you've got with is also success in my book. 

However, at fifty two and single, I would not pretend to know what trait helps one succeed in a relationship.

For my cat, sleeping in a beam of sunlight appears to be success. 

He certainly looks happy. 

Maybe success is learning to appreciate the little things and be happy with where you are right now. 

Good call, cat!

What is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

My own fears

What is your favorite time of day?

At my age, I don't quibble. I am acutely aware that I have more road behind me than ahead of me.

I'll take every Monday morning I can get. 

In Arizona, I love the mornings before the sun gets high-once it gets to noon, it feels hot even in the cooler months. 

But the sunsets are pretty spectacular, too. 

I'll go with mornings. Even on a work day, I take time to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the day. And it's almost always a beautiful day.


  1. >>... At the Arizona Musical Instrument Museum, the artists usually come out for signings afterwards Some of those I've met are Todd Snider, Al Stewart, Maria Muldaur, Rickie Lee Jones and Booker T. Jones (although I don't think they are related).

    First of all... you saw Rickie Lee at the AMIM but you didn't notify me of the upcoming concert? You beeztard! (as my Pa would have put it).

    Secondly... why are you assuming that Rickie Lee Jones and Booker T. Jones are not related? Rickie and Booker both have two syllables; Lee and T rhyme; and the last name in both cases is Jones.

    You are obviously a racist who can't accept the fact that a White woman and a Black man can be related. Shit, I'll bet you even hate the Black half (i.e., the "Left" half) of Barack Obama!

    Don't talk to me anymore! I'm going to bed with my Rickie Lee Jones CDs.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I ended up deciding to go at the last minute-there were two seats in the front available on the day of the show and my friend Lisa wanted to go, so it was kind of her birthday present. Good thing, because she made us late and we missed a couple of songs, one of which may have been "Chuck E"-either that or she did not play it.

    2. I almost forgot...don't you remember when we saw Booker T, I said "I saw your sister here a few months ago," and he replied, "she's not my sister, she's my fourth cousin's sister-in-law by marriage from his first wife twice removed."

      No racist here!

    3. I stand corrected...

      Now that you mention it, I DO recall you saying that to Booker T. Jones, and his response to you was EXACTLY as you quoted it here.

      Just when I think I've got a good argument, you ups and quotes sumpin' dat puts me in my know-nuttin' place.

      Damn you, and every person you love with the surname of Jones!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    4. I only love one person with that surname...Cleopatra Jones!

      But I do have a basketball jones...

  2. Excellent answers. I can tell you actually put some thought into them.

    When I was working at St. Martin's Press in NYC I met some famous people. For example, G.Gordon Liddy wrote a book while I was there and came to visit the office before his book tour. I met him. I know he wouldn't remember me, but still... There were others, too, and they happened pretty much the same. I was a lowly publicity assistant, so not really worth "knowing." hahahaha.

    Why does it not shock me that you have paid ridiculous amounts of money for Todd tix??? I used "ridiculous" because what that sum means to different people varies considerably. If you don't have much extra money for things like concerts, "ridiculous" could be fifty bucks. You've just blown your entertainment money for the month. Or it could be more. I paid a "ridiculous" amount of money for me a few years ago to see Train at Chastain Park in Atlanta. We were living in GA then. I love that venue and I love Train, so... I agree about The Beatles and a living room concert. I don't think they'd do it for $3,000.00 even if they were all still alive... You know inflation and all that. (I'd have to win the lottery... Ha!)

    One of the personality traits I like best about you is how thoughtful and considerate of others that you are. Yeah, that comes through even on here. I really appreciate that email you sent me when I didn't post on Thursday a few months ago. Hadn't posted much at all because I was on vacation. Very thoughtful:)

    Only people who like to read fiction appreciate the book question. I am assuming you referred to The Bible and not Green Eggs and Ham...

    It's funny but I don't play the lottery either. I love to gamble, but I appreciate the more interactive kind....

    I think very few people feel like they "have it all." It requires really knowing yourself and your priorities. The truth is that we don't actually want it all, but we end up with a bunch of crap we don't really care about and spend time nurturing it. That isn't conducive to feeling like you "have it all." People who feel that way know what they want and spend their time on those things.

    I used paranormal because it includes what people commonly refer to as miracles. Something amazing that you know must be God. I think most "paranormal" events are God interceding in our lives. That person who brakes suddenly even when the light is green and avoids getting sideswiped by a truck... yeah, that's paranormal and it is also God whispering in our ear (make that shouting in our ear!).

    I think you decided on appreciating the good things... big and small. Excellent. We can learn a lot from our pets.

    Yep. Fear keeps most of us from achieving our dreams.

    I am learning to appreciate mornings. They used to be terrible for me. I always felt like crap. For as long as I can remember. The crap turned into migraines for the last ten years. As my migraines crank up and down (which means that sometimes I actually feel okay), mornings are improving. Whew. Now I love sitting and catching up on my blogs and drinking my coffee. Or looking outside and watching the world come to life. It is almost always a beautiful day. Not today, mind you. Woke up with the worst migraine I've had in a long time (took many hours to bring it down to bearable) and it is stormy. Yeah, that barometer might have something to do with my dratted migraine.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Robin-
      I struggle with what “meet” actually means…I shook hands with David Bromberg on Friday night and he signed my CD’s…is that meeting him? I’ve really never gone beyond that.
      I gotta be honest-I was thinking fiction when I answered the book question, so the Bible never entered my mind.
      The whole “have it all” thing always seems to involve people acquiring things so that other people will perceive them in a certain way. I would be concerned if someone were to judge my behavior and find it lacking, but if I am judged by others for my ‘stuff,” I could not really care less. I think if people get to the point where they act out of their own motivation (tempered by an awareness that there are others on this ball of mud), they have a better chance at happiness…and that’s having it all!
      While I normally have no interest in blogging awards, I did like these questions!

  3. Great answers to some interesting questions. I should probably add this series to my backlog of posts to do someday.

    I've met a number of famous people, but I have this thing about asking for autographs. Probably doesn't matter though since I'm not sure what happened to the autographs I have gotten. But it's cool to know that you've been in the presence of someone famous and shook their hand.

    If you ever do have that winning lottery ticket, please send it my way. I'm sure I could find plenty to use the money on.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Lee- If I do not have something to have signed, I do not bother them. On my cruise, every time I ran across Neal Morse, I'd left the booklet I wanted signed back in the room.

      Once signed, the booklet sits in the CD case, and eventually I forget I have it.

      So I do not attach too much value to this...a neat moment, but these are not my idols. Not even Mr. Rundgren.

      If I ever were to buy a lottery ticket, I'll let you know. But isn't the anticipation more fun that the actual purchase?

  4. I agree happiness is success but being wealthy gives you options and the freedom from a job you probably hate. Hopefully I can be wealthy someday and be less a slave.

    1. EA-

      I hear you about being in a job you hate, but I would encourage you to try to make a change now rather than waiting for and banking on winning the lottery.

      You are right-days seem long when you spend them somewhere you'd rather not be.