Monday, July 6, 2015

IN THE VAULT 07/06/2015

Big Big Train has operated under the mainstream radar for quite some time, but those of us in the know are lucky enough to have experienced some excellent music.

Their “English Electric” project was ambitious, two albums released separately over the last couple of years, now repackaged as a box set. 

This set includes the masterpiece "English Electric, Part 1", the strong but not quite as good "English Electric, Part 2", and four new songs, "Make Some Noise", "Seen Better Days", "Edgelands", and "The Lovers".

The new tracks are worth buying (you can also get them on an EP if you have the two individual titles), but the package is unique enough that I decided to spring for it.

So without further ado, the Train is in the Vault!


  1. Sweet, sweet prog-rock. A genre I do not have nearly enough of in my collection (I do have every Porcupine Tree album in existence, though). All of these songs were great, but I enjoyed every last minute of East Coast Racer. Off to the vault!

  2. A fellow PT fan, huh, Bryan? Did you catch Steven Wilson on his current jaunt in the states? I saw him a few weeks ago (at last!) and it was a great show!

  3. Oh man, you're killing me! Turns out he was here exactly 1 month ago... and I missed it! I had no idea he was touring the country. I'm really sad I missed that.

    I've followed PT for years, and had always wanted to see them live. They only came through Denver once... and they actually had to cancel that particular stop last minute.

    One day, dammit. Even just seeing Steven Wilson alone would suffice. He's amazing. You have his current album, Hand. Cannot. Erase?

    Oh, and needless to say, the Vault did not disappoint and this is now part of my collection.

    1. I like "Hand" the best of his solo albums.

      PT were in Phoenix once (Deadwing tour) but I could not make it (whatever the reason was, it was a poor decision on my part).

      Glad you like Big Big Train-they have quite a few other albums that are worth checking out.