Friday, August 12, 2016


Those of you reading who have the rock music history will recognize where The Legal Matters, a Michigan power pop supergroup, lifted their moniker from-leave it in the comments if you know!

Featuring Chris Richards of Chris Richards & the Subtractions, Keith Klingensmith of the Phenomenal Cats, and Andy Reed of An American Underdog, their collective self-titled debut album is a tuneful delight with great melodies, hooks, and vocal harmonies. I looked for this on CD when it was originally released in 2014 but none were to be found.

Whether a re-release or a broader release last month, I’ve been spinning my copy in a regular rotation and this is a power pop gem that can trace influences to The Raspberries, Badfinger, Big Star and Village Green Preservation Society-era Kinks, some pretty good neighborhoods to be in for fans of the genre.

There are plenty of tunes here that would be hit singles in a just world, especially the sunny opening track "Rite of Spring," and three principals work beautifully together, bringing out the best in one another's abilities as songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists.

The Legal Matters have instead delivered something a bit more sophisticated and ambitious that cookie cutter power-pop, and this album is truly a collaboration that delivers more than the sum of the parts, a hook-laden ear candy record that grabs you with the first few notes and never lets you go.


  1. "The Legal Matters"... gee, I dunno. Seems like that could come from many different sources. Springsteen? Prince? Tom Petty? It seems most Rock artists have had major "legal matters" (or "legal battles") at one time or another.

    LC, I'll bet I can guess what the biggest draw is for you about that last song. And it was nice; I liked it.

    I've got you linked to my next BOTB page, so you should get plenty of voters this time around.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I'll spill the name source in a day or two, just in case anyone else happens by.

      You're about a decade late, though.

      The name of the last song wasn't why I picked up the album, but probably why I put it on the post.

      I wonder if the artists get any compensation from these linked You Tube videos....I hope so, since their only living is going to be streams and concerts-I am sure I am the only person left on the planet buying albums!

  2. And since no one else is guessing, the Legal Matters got their name from their shared love of The Who. The song "A Legal Matter" was on The Who's debut album.