Thursday, April 21, 2011


This one's for you, Alex!

Somehow, Rush manages to defy the marketplace trend. In a retail music world where physical sales are diminishing, and rock sales are shrinking, Rush pulls their trick of following up a studio release with yet another live album. As usual, it moved a respectable number of units.

Recorded in Rotterdam over two nights in October of 2007, this release spreads 27 tracks over two discs, with nine tracks from 2007's Snakes & Arrows (I love it when a band tours their new album instead of playing a greatest hits set). That doesn't mean that Rush ignores their staples-the classics are represented here as well.

Geddy Lee's voice has mellowed with age, and all three members are masters of their respective instruments. In fact, after seeing a Peart drum solo live, you really don't need to waste your time watching other drummers do their "bash the skins" solo. Neil kind of ruins all other drummers for you.

If you saw the tour, this makes quite a nice souvenir. If you didn't, here's what you missed-and you'll get another chance, as they're back on the road this year.

For Record Store Day 2011, Rush released a limited edition white vinyl 45 from their forthcoming album (Caravan b/w BU2B, digitally released last year). I got my copy-did you get yours?

Watch The Trees

Wathc The Limelight


  1. I saw this tour - awesome! Sucks they will never be allowed into the Hall of Fame.

  2. Alex-

    I had to point this one out-I included it in the A to Z fest in your honor!

    Rush has been able to defy the current music industry trend and continuously sell records and sell out tours that they simply don't need the Hall of Fame.


  3. Hall of Fame is a neat honor, but the real legacy comes with the body of work they leave behind. I'd say Rush has left a pretty respectable legacy.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Agreed, Lee (on the legacy piece).

    I actually find it funny how most musicians ridicule the HOF until they get nominated.

    I thought the idea was dumb when it was pitched (in the beginning, Philly was in the running as a possible site, and when we lost to Cleveland, I thought "no big deal."

    Years later, when visiting my brother in Cleveland, I went to the R&R HOF and the football HOF.

    The football hall is a good idea-sports lend themselves to this idea.

    Rock and roll does not lend itself to the concept very well (I thought the best part was the gift shop and even that was not that good), but the theme of rock and roll is so opposed to the concept that the only proper thing for an act to do is to not show up for their induction.


  5. Lisa-

    Thanks for dropping in!

    They are a great band-I am looking forward to the new album.