Thursday, December 16, 2021


Concluding our consumption of the Bourbon Advent Calendar....

Day Ten- Today's selection are both brands you are probably familiar with, but from some of their higher end selections. 

While I am quite familiar with Maker's Mark, I had never tried their "46" offering before, and liked it enough to want to at least try another shot again (you can't buy a bottle of everything, right?).

I may have had the Knob Creek 9 year before but it was before I started taking photos of the bottles. It did not disappoint.

Day Eleven-  Back to brands I am not familiar with-Legent is a Kentucky bourbon finished in wine and sherry casks and was quite good, as was the Uncle Nearest 1856, a Tennessee  blended whiskey.

Day Twelve- Today's selections were a familiar old friend and a stranger. Jack Daniels's was my first whiskey, and for years the bottle I had in the house. While it has been years, and I have never tried their single barrel release, I liked it, although the aftertaste was similar in strength to my memory of the basic Jack's bottle.

Contradiction Bourbon is from Smooth Ambler Spirits in WV, and is a blend of their own wheater bourbon and two ryes procured from Tennessee and Indiana. It makes for an interesting taste experience to finish off the bourbon calendar.

What you say? How can this be? 

You have completed the Advent calendar in twelve days?

If you recall, I had made my own calendar before Jeannie surprised me with this one.

We will review that calendar beginning with the next post-while many of the choices are more common fare (due to the nature of what was available in local shops), there are a couple of things you may not be familiar with.

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