Thursday, March 3, 2022


 If you recall, I had looked for whiskey advent calendars online, but when I saw they were all shipping from the UK, I decided to make my own.

I found an empty calendar box on Amazon....

I stopped first at Magnum's, a specialty whiskey store that stocks a lot of things that you won't see at your chain stores...they had little bottles of Blanton's! 

I finished off my calendar at the local chain store, Total Wine. This is why I can never move back to Pennsylvania, or another state where you have to shop at state run stores-so much more access to different brands!

Since Jeannie had surprised me with the bourbon calendar, we shared that one for the first 12 days and used mine to complete Advent.  Most of the selections I found should be readily available, if not already familiar to most readers.

Day 13- Jameson's standard label, tried and true!

Day 14
-  (in my best George Thorogood voice) "...and his partner Jimmy Beam"


Day 15- More of the Irish...can you really go wrong with Bushmills?

Day 16- They had shooters of Johnnie Walker Blue for $30 each...I went cheap

Day 17
- Bulleit is a favorite of ours, so this one was a no-brainer.

Day 18
-  Slane is an Irish whiskey that I'd not come across before, so when I saw the shooters, I grabbed them. A lot of distilleries are popping up around Ireland (just like here in the US) as whiskey grows in popularity.

While I used to be a bourbon guy (I still like it), Irish whiskey has become my favorite, and Slane 

More to come!

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