Wednesday, March 18, 2015


A few notable names in the rock world have passed this week, all of them sadly all too young.

First,  Mike Porcaro bass player from Toto, passed on March 15 at age 59. Few people reading this will not own a recording with Mike on it-here is his resume-and his work with Toto is enough to forever keep him riding the classic rock airwaves.

Next, original Molly Hatchet drummer Bruce Crump died on March 16 at age 57. I loved that first Hatchet album when it came out (Gator Country!), and Bruce's playing was part of the soundtrack of my high school years.

And finally, former Free bassist Andy Fraser left this world on March 17 at age 62. The band was best known for their hit "All Right Now," and vocalist Paul Rodgers and guitarist Paul Kossoff were the marquee members, but Fraser's bass held it all together. He started his career at age 15 in John Mayall's blues band, but started Free before turning 17.  I would find it a shock if anyone reading does not recognize that song.

Rest in peace, gentlemen. Your musical legacies will endure!


  1. I knew about Pocaro, but not the others. Isn't that the second loss for Free in a short time, or am I mixing my cds again?

  2. Paul Kossoff is the only other member I know of who died, and that was in the 70's.

    I think Stephen T. McCarthy may have posted about Kossoff recently, so maybe you are remembering that.

    Jeff Porcaro (Mike's brother) died in the 90's-how sad for that family.

  3. Hadn't heard of any of these passings. I was never a big Hatchet fan, but they were good. Same with Free. I did see them in concert and they were very good from what I remember and I don't remember much about many concerts.

    Did like Toto a lot. As I recall Pocaro played on a lot of albums besides Toto. I seem to remember seeing his name on a lot of album credits, but then it's back to that memory thing.

    Arlee Bird
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    1. Your memory is still working-the Porcaro brothers both did a lot of session work. And Toto, while most in the US forgot them after "Rosanna," has continued to record (nine studio albums, a few live albums and umpteen compilations since that song ruled the charts) and tour.

      In fact, the band releases a new album this week to be followed by a world tour.