Monday, April 13, 2015

IN THE VAULT 04/13/2015

Jess Roden is one of England's best kept secrets.

But I'm gonna let regular readers in on the secret, and those with the combination to the vault can check out his debut solo album all week!

Virtually unknown in the US, he is mostly a potential trivia question, "who was replaced in The Alan Bown Set by a then-unknown Robert Palmer?" 

In fact, in the UK, the albums Roden sang lead on were re-released with Palmer vocals (although in the early 80's Roden sang backup for Palmer on a British television appearance).

Although hailed by critics and musicians, Roden has never achieved the commercial success that seems his due.

A limited edition 6 disc anthology was released in 2013, limited to 950 hand numbered copies. 

Yours truly scored number 744 last summer. 

So there are not many left before they are gone forever! There was also a best-of compilation released by Lemon Records (UK) in 2009 that can still be found at a reasonable price. The other titles on CD are scarce and pricey, but some of the vinyl seems to be readily available at decent prices.

I'm still looking for Jess Roden And The Humans and Seven Windows, just in case you come across them.


  1. Yep, have definitely never heard of him. I like what I hear though. I wonder why he didn't make a bigger splash. I guess sad proof that the cream doesn't always rise to the top?

  2. I guess with the number of British acts that did infiltrate our airwaves, it should not shock us that there were some other good ones that did not make it across the water.

    I drink my coffee black-does cream really rise to the top? How about non-dairy creamer?

  3. I hadn't heard of him either. Of course the Alan Brown Set left me a bit baffled too. But I like the sound too.

    1. He was news to me a couple of years ...I forget now how I even heard of him.

      It's funny what does (and does not) succeed in the music world.

  4. Seems almost rude to re-release those albums without his vocals.
    Not familiar with him, but congratulations on scoring one of the limited edition anthologies.

    1. I don't know whether there was bad blood behind the re-releases-remember when Ozzy reissued the first two albums with a re-recorded rhythm section?

      As CD sales continue to erode, I wonder if congratulations are truly in order-I have a very real fear of one day not being able to find a player for them (been trying to find a CD alarm clock for a few months and the only option seems to be the Bose Wave).

  5. He's been kept a secret from me--I'd never heard of this guy. Sounds pretty good. Nice score on the collectible album package.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out