Monday, April 20, 2015

IN THE VAULT 04/20/2015

It seems like every time I turn around in Zia Records (Arizona and Nevada's ass-kickin' record store chain) there is a new release from Joe Bonamassa-either a new studio effort, a live CD or DVD. The man is nothing if not prolific, and in case ya didn't know, he can play guitar.

Beth Hart, while not a household name, has beaten some long odds overcoming drug addiction that nearly ended her career and her life, and only a few years later appearing alongside Jeff Beck on the Kennedy Center Honors Buddy Guy special. Beth is nowhere near as prolific as Joe, but has a catalog worth checking out (including her latest, released last week).

Together they have released two albums (three if you count the live album), and this week I wanted to draw your attention to their first.



  1. I'm not familiar with these. So I let them play while I scrolled through other blogs. I really like her voice. (He strictly an instrumentalist?)

    1. Like most artists who are not Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, Beth Hart has a decent following in Europe but is virtually unknown in the US.

      Joe does sing, but is primarily known for his fretwork. He is incredibly prolific and seems to sell out when he tours (the cheapest ticket for the upcoming Phoenix show is $150), so while he does not seem to be a household name, he's doing ok.

      Beth Hart just released a new album last week, but I am sure it will never be given a shot on what passes for US radio these days.

  2. LC ~
    Joe I know, Beth I don't.

    She's pretty good. I listened to both and her voice reminds me of another singer but I haven't been able to place it yet.

    Well, she's kinda doing a "Janis Joplin" - I guess that's who I have in mind.

    From my Dashboard, the small photo of her looked like Linda Ronstadt, so I hurried over here. I was never a big Ronstadt fan, but she wasn't hard to look at.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'