Friday, June 17, 2016


The Mute Gods unite Nick Beggs and Roger King (from Steve Hackett’s touring band) with Marco Minnemann (from Steven Wilson's band) into a sidemen super group (of sorts).

Their first album, Do Nothing till You Hear from Me, was written by Beggs while on tour, and he has described it as "a rather disgruntled rant at the dystopia we've created for ourselves and our children." 

The trio has crafted a smooth and sophisticated progressive rock album with touches of alt pop-rock accessibility, smeared with the crafty fingertips of experience. Flawless musicianship, flowing compositions and lush production impress from the outset.

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me is a very well written and composed album that’s sure to capture and captivate a wide audience and should definitely be heard by prog aficionados.


  1. Sounds good. Sometimes I feel music moving on more and more as I stay stuck with the same old stuff or discover new stuff from the past that I missed the first time around. I just don't dedicate myself to the music like you do and like I once did. Must be getting old.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. You spend an awful lot more time with your blogs than I do, so I would posit that it is a case of where our respective passions lead us.

    I am finding that the Spotify $10 plan is saving me a fortune, as for most of what I buy, after a week or two it goes up onto a shelf, never to return. Not that the music is bad, there's just so much out there each week, I've forgotten last week. With the Amazon Tap (see my post last week) and Spotify, almost all of recorded music is accessible...and portable!

    Remember when your choice was to listen to the record in your living room, or listen to the AM radio?

    1. Now for me it's usually talk radio and you're right about the computer time. My stereo is in my living room and that's where I used to spend much of my free time while I listened to music. Lifestyle change makes a big difference. And now even on long road trips I tend to listen to talk and news stations rather than my CD's or music radio. So it goes.


    2. it driven by an interest in what the talk radio is talking about, or just less interest in music-the classic stations play stuff you've heard before and the newer stuff is not interesting enough?

    3. That is a good question. I'd probably be better off going back to listening to the music. Talk radio is so much hype, hot air, and distortion of what politicos are saying and what's really happening in the world. I guess I'm waiting for the truth so maybe it's time to give up.