Monday, June 6, 2016


Sean Rowe has turned a lot of heads, a distinctive new singer-songwriter.  

His second ANTI- release, The Salesman and the Shark, is his first with a full recording budget and time to hone his craft, allowing Rowe to deliver the album he has always envisioned.

The arrangements are ambitious-check out how "Horses" channels Desire-era Dylan and the songwriting beautiful- the duet "Old Shoes" finds Rowe harmonizing with Inara George over an almost unbearably lovely melody.

The Salesman and the Shark established Rowe as an artist; at its center is Rowe s astonishing voice, the instrument that has already earned him comparisons to masters from Van Morrison to Leonard Cohen.

The album displays a range of writing styles that showcase Rowe's intensely spiritual interaction with the modern world, and is sure to seal his reputation as a singer and writer for his generation.

Rowe is already working on a follow-up, using the Kickstarter platform to fund it.


  1. LC ~
    For starters, I would suggest he take a bath every, I dunno, maybe once a week? He might clean up pretty well. Hard to say.

    I don't get the "Desire-era" Dylan, and just the faintest comparison to Van Morrison (musically in 'Old Shoes'). But the look is definitely Leonard Cohen (in fact, I think there's a lawsuit here). And I would say my first impression is more like: poor man's earlier Tom Waits.

    And with 'The Heart Of Saturday Night', 'Closing Time', and 'Small Change' already in my collection, I can't imagine I'd ever slip Mr. Rowe's album into my player.

    I thought about buying 'WHO'S NEXT' and Dylan's 'MODERN TIMES' from you (referring to that post about CDs you're selling) but then I thought: Hell, I have so many discs that meet my player once every 4 years as it is. And with my Spotify account now, it hardly seems logical to buy any more CDs, but...

    ...regardless, I'm still giving that WHO album some thought. Is it still available?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: You know, with FAE gone now, we do have a BOTB opening... for anyone who don't do 100% Rundgren. Could that be you??!!

    1. Both discs are still around, but your money's no good...besides you still owe me a Blizzard! Both yours if you want them.

      This album has really grown on me, and it is funny that you mention Waits since I heard echoes of the early TW albums last time I listened to it.

      I you have Spotify's premier service, I agree-why buy CD's?

      Re: BOTB, I'm happier being a spectator. Besides, it's a battle and I abhor violence!

  2. Hadn't heard of this guy before, but I like his sound. Very unique voice. And so deep. Makes me feel like I have the voice of a child by comparison.

    1. He does have a deep voice....I guess the beard muffles his normal voice or he'd sound just like Michael Jackson...