Sunday, July 31, 2011



Def Leppard has been around a long time, and gets my vote for toughest band for having a drummer lose an arm in a car crash, and come back as drummer, holding onto that role for three decades. He's drumming with one arm! That is BAD ASS!

Despite having earned a reputation as a tremendous live act, Mirrorball is Def Leppard's first proper live album (although they have released a few live videos).

While I cringe at the idea of supporting WalMart (can you say 'Made In China?'), they do a good job of providing value with their exclusive titles, and they are one of the few remaining retailer supporting retail music-they have more space devoted to it than Best Buy, so unless you've got a local indie store, there may be no other brick and mortar choice for you. This release is two CD's with a bonus DVD for twelve bucks, and the case says "Made In The USA."

The set list is a little predictable, which means it is representative of their recent tours-heavy on the hits and a song or two from current releases. With a catalog as big as theirs, a few surprises would have been welcome.

However, what you do get on the two live CDs is just plain awesome, with Joe Elliott really nailing it, and the band in full force. The dual lead guitars of Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell are fantastic, Rick Savage fills the bottom in on bass and Rick Allen holds it all together on drums.

As I mentioned, they pull out the hits ("Rocket," "Animal," "Armageddon It," "Photograph," "Let's Get Rocked," and plenty of others) as well as adding three new studio recordings (which will grow on you after a few spins). With only four performances and two videos, the DVD is merely a bonus, rather than a reason to buy this.

Def Leppard fans should enjoy this, but casual fans may prefer to get their hands on the greatest hits collection.


  1. You're right, they've only made live videos before. Shame it had to be WalMart only though.

  2. You did it again, Bro. Thanks for the tip. I don't get to talk about music on the blogosphere as often as I would like, so this is rapidly becoming my favorite blog!
    I grew up with these guys. I caught the "In the Round" tour in Fresno, w/ Tesla. Great show!
    Thanks for the post!


  3. Jimmy-

    Tesla just released a new album as well (mostly re-recordings of classic songs with acoustic arrangements)

    Check out my "You Don't Know Jack" post in early July-if the bands sounds of interest to you, e-mail me (address is in the blog header) with your mailing info-I've got a copy of their earlier title I can send you.



    I guess WalMart is the most attractive brick-and-mortar outlet left....

    Probably won't be long before the same is true for books...maybe your third book will be a WalMart exclusive!


  4. I was just telling my wife the Def Leppard story the other day. Gotta admire that drummer. And they do some pretty decent songs.

    Soon Walmart may own the world.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Lee-

    WalMart is certainly making it's bid for world domination...