Friday, August 9, 2013


Continuing in the theatrical vein, although there is music to this one, Barry Mitchell has done a few versions of his parody of the Gilbert O'Sullivan song, "Alone Again Naturally," all about another favorite on my top ten list, "Rocky."

Hey-Stallone didn't stop at one Rocky, so Barry did sequels, too!

Click on the link HERE to listen

His movies pack 'em in
The guy with the dopey grin
He's musclebound but in the final round
every fight he'll win
The sequel was the worst
More corny than the first
It's a simple fact that this guy can't act
but he drives the women crazy
With his sexy sneer and I fear this mass of sinew
Will keep on raking in the bucks
His legend will continue
Now there's Rocky 3 and guess who it will be?
Stallone again, naturally

When we begin to snuggle up
my girl turns out the lights and starts to pester
She likes Sylvester
She begs and begs
So I drank eggs
I don't think I'll survive Rocky 4 and 5
And if it clicks Rocky 6
if I'm still alive
Then Superman 11
meets Rocky 47
And be sure to catch his exciting match
with Rocky TheFlying Squirrel
I sure need a break
I can't take this guy's persistence
My girl and I are breaking up
We'll never got the distance
He swept her off her feet
And I'm home punching meat
Alone again, poor old me
Thanks to Stallone again, naturally


    This was funny stuffs. And of course anything that mentions "Rocky the flying squirrel" automatically flies high with me.

    Did you know the first 'Stallone Again, Naturally' has disappeared? I had tried to go there but some glitch in the system had eradicated it. This happened to another blogger I follow. About a week ago she discovered that a recent blog bit of hers that had already acquired a few comments had mysteriously disappeared, comments and all.

    Good ol' Blogspot.dum.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I wish I could find the original version of the song...

      BlogSpot does have its share of glitches...

  2. That parody is GREAT! A lotta times, I like the song spoofs better than the originals. (Has nothing at ALL to do with all the spoofs I've written and sung over the years!)

    "Mad" magazine used to do some doozie spoofs. One issue, they made fun of several college "fight" songs. ("Pray, pray for old Pivnick Tech; we're gonna get it right in the neck. Send a sound of taps on high, as our whole team lays down to die. Whether the odds be great or small, old Pivnick Tech will fumble the ball...")

    1. ... while our undergrads get sick
      and transfer to USC!