Saturday, June 5, 2010


Me thinks these lists are getting outta hand!

At a minimum, we need to come up with one number. If I can have fifteen CD's, why only twelve movies? And why only eleven religious albums-that is hardly nurturing the soul! And ten songs? Why ten? For that matter, why not?

The desert island discs blog hop was such a success, there are now at least six (count 'em-six!) new lists in the works.

Join in, why don'tcha?

During the week of June 7, Tossing It Out will be sponsoring the "Heaven Eleven" list of favorite Christian/Religious albums.

The next two fall on June 15, and will feature your ten favorite drinking songs and ten favorite driving songs. If you only have one list, I'm pretty sure that's a felony in most states. Tossing It Out will have the information on this one as well, in the midst of his other lists...

Then on June 21, Alex J. Cavanaugh is sponsoring a Dirty Dozen favorite movies round up. I'm pretty sure that you can include movies that do not star Lee Marvin. Congratulations to Alex on his new book, by the way!

Finally, the last two Tossing It Out lists, your top ten love songs and top ten break-up songs (they don't write 'em like that anymore) will be hopping to a blog near you on June 28.

In the interest of full disclosure (as opposed to full exposure, which trust me, you do NOT want to see), I think the four top ten song lists were a joint Arlee Bird/Stephen McCarthy plan, with who-knows-what kind of sinister agenda in mind?

On an unrelated note, you won't want to miss my top ten list (with pictures) of things scooped out of the cat box. You'll want to follow this blog in anticipation of that one!

And don't forget, you can still order the limited edition of the new Spock's Beard cd, "X," while supplies last-this edition will not be repressed! A must have for all progressive rock fans...and an idea for another list...

How was that for a shameless plug? Hey, they're a great band and can use the support!


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    I actually collaborated with Arlee for The Movie Dirty Dozen. His Fantasy Island Favorites was a blast so I ran the idea of doing one for movies past him and he helped with the ideas and planning.

    Why only a dozen? Because the movie The Dirty Dozen came to mind and it just stuck. However, I am struggling to pare mine down to just twelve!

  2. Thanks for the great plug for all the listings and I look forward to your cat box list pictoral.

    I agree about putting the limitations on lists which is partly why my blog has of late turned into a music blog-- that first list of fifteen didn't cut it. Now people will have to go thru my list of lists to go thru the spectrum and even at that it will be incomplete.

    Coming up I'll probably be doing additional lists of movies. Hey, my goal is to post daily until September 21 and what better way to draw it all out.

    Glad you've joined for the Heaven Eleven. You up for the 12 classical faves the following week?

    Tossing It Out

  3. For the record, I wouldn't participate in the lists if I didn't like doing it...I just can't help trying to be a funny guy when I post!

    So all that nonsense about why a certain number was just drivel! Actually, the names of the lists were pretty darn creative!

    Stephen McCarthy had me do a list of twenty-five movies in his pre-blog days, and I thought my list would be very different today. When I compare the two, they're not so far off. Some of that is because as I've gotten older, there's seldome time to watch something more than once, and I forget them otherwise (even the good ones).

    Sadly, Lee, I don't think I could name ten classical albums. I have a handful (the ones that come to mind are a Christopher Parkening classical guitar album, the Toronto Symphony doing "The Planets" and a couple of Wagner pieces. I'm not certain I even own ten. I think I'm going to just read on this one, and maybe it will give me some ideas of things to give a listen to.


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  5. DISCMAN ~
    Actually, the idea for Top Ten Drinkin', Drivin', Love, and Breakup Songs originated from the mind of Mr. Paulboy 6. Arlee, you, and I have merely decided to run wid it.

    --> "On an unrelated note, you won't want to miss my top ten list (with pictures) of things scooped out of the cat box. You'll want to follow this blog in anticipation of that one!"

    I will be interested to see if I can correctly guess which sculptures were created by Chickenfoot, Rocky, and your other cat who always runs and hides when I come over so I therefore can't recall her name.

    ~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

  6. Well, Stephen, you certainly cannot say that curiosity killed Lucky-she's more chicken than Chickenfoot!

  7. Thanks for the mention of today's blog as Lee works hard to see that all goes to plan,
    I enjoy doing these lists as I am very musically motivated and enjoy all genre,

    Have a good day,

  8. Hey there! Found you through the Heaven Eleven Linky and decided to hang around. Enjoy your humorous writing style and we have several of the same friends so you must be a nice guy, right? Though I can live quite happily without the litterbox outtakes!

  9. Somehow, Yvonne, I've managed almost half a century on the planet and my tastes never evolved much beyond rock. As Mr. McCarthy can attest, I've got a CD collection that defines obsession or addiction, and only a handful of classical and jazz titles. But the lists are worth reading, if only to see what others listen to that we might not know of.

    And Beth, I'm crushed that the litter box blog is not keeping you on the edge of your seat. If you have a cat, I'll bet he's on the edge of the windowsill right now! Maybe since the feline community won't be able to fully participate, I'll just have to skip it!

  10. By the way I've really enjoyed what I've heard by Spock's Beard. I don't own anything by them, but I used to hear them played a lot on the AOL prog rock station.

    Tossing It Out