Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Sad news-long-time melodic rock artist Fergie Frederiksen (Toto, LeRoux, Mecca) has been battling a reoccurrence of his cancer.

Because this health scare has taken him off the road, a donation drive has been organized to help with medical expenses.

Here's what his son Kyler posted last night in launching the campaign:

"Our father, Dennis (Fergie) Frederiksen has taken a turn for the worst in his battle with cancer. At this time we are awaiting a full prognosis of his condition.. We are asking for donations to help our father stay in his apartment, as well as help with everyday living costs ( Food, Rent, Medications, ect.. ). Any and all donations will help my father worry less about everyday living and focus on beating the cancer so he may get back to what he loves to do.. Performing and seeing his friends all over the world.
Thank you in advanced for any donations, prayers, and positive thoughts.

-Kyler Frederiksen, Kolten Frederiksen, Danny Irwin."

Please check out the GoFundMe pledge page and consider adding your support.



  1. It is a scary thing when someone who has made it big still doesn't have the funds to battle cancer. How does that happen????

  2. Sad that he's so unwell :( It seems odd that he doesn't have enough money already, though!

  3. Robin and Trisha-

    I wondered the same thing....but "Rosanna" was a hit thirty years ago, and who knows what kind of deal the band signed, what kind of a cut the agent got, etc.

    Toto has certainly not been high profile since then-although they released several albums since those days, they were not big sellers.

    In many cases, when an album does not sell, it cuts into the artist royalties from the successful album until any advance is recovered.


  4. That's really sad, and to go along with your comment above, royalties won't keep you rich unless you're selling a ton of songs and albums.

    We have a friend who's in a pretty successful local band. They sell albums, they sell out shows 2 nights a week, and yet they make such little money off of it all that every single one of them has full time day jobs.

    1. That's one of the reasons my CD collection has grown to such an insane size-I try to support bands.

      The one drawback to the internet was the change in people's attitudes towards paying for music-most people think it should be free.

      I work with a guy who is Mormon who looks disapprovingly when we drink coffee or head out for happy hour...but he thinks nothing of copying a CD from me into his iTunes account.

      I am glad for people like your friend, who obviously love making music so much that they keep at it.

      If you wouldn't mind sending me a link, I'd like to check them out.

      Have you heard of a band called Singularity? I think they're in your area-I've run into them at a few progconcerts in California.

  5. It's so sad that he has to worry about money while I am sure he is in so much pain. I hate that.

    1. That's the hard part about the decision to purchase don't think you need it when you're healthy...

      Hence, our country's current state of affairs.