Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Marillion's new album is due this September (the 23rd to be precise).

Entitled F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everyone And Run), the title comes from lead singer and lyricist Steve Hogarth's assertion that "all worthwhile human impulses come from love, and all negative and destructive human impulses come from fear."

"This title is adopted not in anger or with any intention to shock. It is adopted and sung (in the song "New Kings”) tenderly, in sadness and resignation inspired by an England, and a world, which increasingly functions on an “Every man for himself” philosophy. I won’t bore you with examples, they’re all over the newspapers every day."

"There’s a sense of foreboding that permeates much of this record. I have a feeling that we’re approaching some kind of sea-change in the world – an irreversible political, financial, humanitarian and environmental storm. I hope that I’m wrong. I hope that my FEAR of what “seems” to be approaching is just that, and not FEAR of what “is” actually about to happen."

A sample of one of the new tracks is featured on Marillion's You Tube channel HERE.

Sadly, the pre-order window closed last month, but the album will be widely available on September 23. 


  1. FEAR:


    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. You've been saying since I met you that you think the end times are upon us.

    Couldn't you describe what you think is coming as "some kind of sea-change in the world – an irreversible political, financial, humanitarian and environmental storm?"

    Based on an interview I read with Hogarth, the title came from his belief that people treat each other like shit.

    You're right-kind of hard to agree with that.

    1. I got that definition for "FEAR" from a book I read quite a few years ago: 'CROSSING THE RUBICON' by Michael Ruppert.

      I was never really sold on the book but I loved that definition.

      Uhm... I do think we're in the Biblical End Times, but that's not to be confused with "The Tribulation" period. The End Times precede The 7-year Tribulation, which itself precedes "The Second Coming". Jesus described them as being like the "birth pains" a woman feels just prior to the actual birth.

      I'm not really sure I understand your comment though. Particularly that last sentence.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. I thought your acronym meant you keyed on his use of the word "environmental" and was referring to climate change-in the broader interview, he really seems to just be reacting to the fact that people suck.

      You'd hate the band, though-they are liberal atheists.

      Does the Bible say how long the end times are (the seven years comes after)?

    3. No, the duration of the "Birth Pangs" period is not stated. However, there are some very easily interpreted verses that generally indicate when the 7-Year Tribulation period MUST occur in order to meet God's prophesied timeline. (And God has never, and never will, lie.)

      Within the last 6 months, I've found a couple websites that provide Biblical evidence indicating that the 2nd Coming of Christ will occur in 2028. Here's one of them:


      These people provide solid Biblical evidence for their beliefs. Nevertheless, my own sincere studies prove them to be full o' crap and way, way wrong.

      Why? Because my own in-depth, Holy Spirit-guided studies prove to me that the 2nd Coming of Christ will occur much, much later. ...That is, in 2029. So, those guys and I are separated in our firm beliefs by a whopping 365 days!

      As for Marillion, I honestly think their "philosophy" is juvenile. I remember when I was a teenager, up through maybe my 23rd year, I thought all these Rock stars were so deep and perceptive. By the time I was 25, I knew they were all stupid, sophomoric liberals without a single unique thought amongst them.

      Kill me now! I used to think one could find philosophy worth pondering and guiding one's life by in the lyrics of Styx, Supertramp, and Bruce Springsteen. Kill me now!

      And this explanation of the reasoning behind the naming of Marillion's newest album proves to me that not one damn thing has changed in Rock music since 1975-1976.

      I realized I was much more informed than my Rock idols by the time I was 25. That's one reason why instrumental Jazz appeals so much to me today.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

  3. That song wasn't anything like I expected, and I really like the softness of the 'fuck everyone and run'. I know you've posted about these guys quite a few times before, but I think I like this one better than some of the others you've shared. I'm surprised their video has disabled ratings and comments. Who could hate on that?