Friday, December 19, 2014


Over the years, I have amassed a bazillion Christmas titles, and each December I get them out of the box for the season that celebrates the birth of Bethlehem's favorite (and God's only begotten) Son.

This year, I thought I'd share some of them with you.

I had a crush on Whitney Houston from day one. 

She was beautiful, and she could sing.

After she married Bobby Brown, the turn her life took saddened me, the downward spiral ending in tragedy with her drug-related death a few years ago.

There were moments during that decade and a half of decline where the Whitney I had a crush on peeked through the fog of addiction, most notably on the 2004 Christmas album, One Wish.

On the cover above, she almost looks like that Whitney who wanted to dance with somebody...



Rest in peace, Whitney


  1. I, too, really liked Whitney Houston. Can't say I had a crush on her, though.... ha!

    I did admire her amazing voice and wholesomeness. She felt like a breath of fresh air. I thought she did a fine job in her jaunts into movies. The Bodyguard and The Preacher's Wife come to mind.

    So, it pained me when she married Bobby Brown and just disappeared. I can't imagine what about about BB even attracted her... Oh, but that attraction is a dangerous thing, no? And he ruined her. I bet he doesn't see it, though.

    When I think of her, I always feel sad. I know that she tried to get her life back together and get back on that track she was once on. Unfortunately, when you get too far away from it, you don't always find your way back. I picture it like she was going for glory down I-95. Flying and free. And there was Bobby Brown hanging out at an exit. Whitney got off. And he convinced her just to take a look-see down Frontage Road. From there, it just got worse. Eventually, they'd traveled the back roads and were states away from that original exit. Whitney couldn't even remember which one it was. So, how do you get back on? And, when you're off so long, so much changes... The world goes on.

    As someone who feels like they've been poking around in the wilderness for nearly a decade, I feel her pain. I wish she'd had more time to adjust to the changes and really get back on track.

    1. I liked both movies as well-she was a true talent.

      I get the BB attraction-it's the story of my romantic life-women seem to like the "bad boy." I'm a nice guy. We finish last.

      I am sure the drug use started with that relationship, and sadly her addiction took over (I guess he was able to use and still function-she clearly could not).

      A good friend's daughter has been struggling with addiction for more than a decade. She was a beautiful (seriously-model or actress beautiful) and smart (A student) teenager, and has been lost since then (just turned 30)

      If I could lay my hands on the kid who turned her onto to drugs, it probably would not end well. And I am sure he did not intend to ruin a big chunk of her life-he probably was using them to get into her jeans-but the damage was done.

      Did Bobby Brown commit a crime? Maybe not. But if he started her on drugs, he certainly had a hand in her death.

  2. She had such a beautiful voice, and a bright career. A shame her life was filled with such tragedy. The world lost a beautiful woman, and unique talent.