Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Chicago­, one of the longest running, successful and iconic rock bands in American musical histor, ­is set to release their 36th album “Now” in Europe on July 4 and in the U.S. July 8 via Frontiers Records. 

Featuring 11 original songs, album XXXVI was written and recorded on the road during the band's rigorous, never-ending tour schedule. 

Produced by founding members Robert Lamm (keyboard, guitars, vocals), Lee Loughnane (trumpet, guitar, percussion, vocals), James Pankow (trombone, percussion, keyboards, vocals), and Walter Parazaider (woodwinds, backing vocals), along with Jason Scheff (bass, vocals), Tris Imboden (drums, percussion), Keith Howland (guitars, vocals), Lou Pardini (keyboards, vocals) and Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (percussion)­, the album was recorded on “the Rig,” the band's customized mobile recording system. 

Each songwriter oversaw the production of their compositions, and the band collaborated as a cohesive unit throughout the writing and recording process.

Originally formed as the Chicago Transit Authority in 1967, the band found almost immediate success and have become a bona fide institution of American music. 

Their signature sound of solid rock songs augmented by the best horns in the business has endeared them to several generations of music fans. 

Track listing: 
More Will Be Revealed
Crazy Happy
Free At Last
Love Lives On
Something's Coming I Know
Watching All The Colors
Nice Girl
Naked In The Garden of Allah
Another Trippy Day.


  1. I really like Chicago. Always have. In fact, I wanted to karaoke one of their songs last Friday night and they didn't have it on their machine. Say what???? I suppose when you have that many songs, they won't have them all... What was the song, you ask? Hard To Say I'm Sorry.

    Anyway, I am thrilled that they are releasing another record. Yay!

    1. It has been ages since I did karaoke, although it would not surprise you that I start off with "Hello It's Me."

      If I can't sing that one, I'm in trouble.

      I have never seen Chicago live, and am thinking I may have to try to catch this tour.

      And now, I'm going to go listen to some Chicago...

  2. I saw "Another Trippy Day" and thought, the Who song? But that was TRICKY. Oops.