Thursday, May 22, 2014


When a CD collection as large as mine comes up in conversation, one silly question that almost everyone asks is, “do you listen to all of them?

Well obviously not all at once.

Way back in 1991, there was a "B" action film that kind of came and went.

Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man was a buddy film starring Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson, and it was a critical and commercial failure.

I only heard of it because the soundtrack featured a song from a new partnering of Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton that I had to have.

Frampton/Marriott's The Bigger They Come was a preview of the new album that the duo was working on.

Sadly, Steve Marriott died before the project was completed.

Anyway, the film was silly, but the buddy scenes had their moments and it has always been a guilty pleasure for me.

I used to own the soundtrack, but it was either stolen or sold during a moment of weakness.

Since then, the soundtrack has gone out of print, and commands upwards of $100.

Recently, I saw the Japanese edition offered $30 and decided "what the hell." After all, I've been looking for the thing for fifteen years. And $30 is not the most I have paid for a CD. 

Besides the Frampton/Marriott song (The Bigger They Come), the other gem on the album is a song by Waylon Jennings called  "Hardline" that I do not believe is available anywhere.

And it really is a gem.

And that's what I've been listening to!

Hey Stephen T-howzabout dat? 

Waylon Jennings featured on my blog!


  1. Sometimes a guilty pleasure is needed.

  2. As you could have guessed the songs were new to me, I haven't seen the film, and the only intelligent comment I have to offer is this: "Woah, check out the jeans on that girl. I just got clobbered by 80s fashion." I realize that the film came out in 1991 but the 80s still lingered (obviously).

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    2. Huh? Is there are girl in that picture?

      OK, it was a sexist move on my part to include that picture...

      I do not know I'd tell you to rush out and watch the film...if you like action "buddy" movies, you'd probably enjoy it, but it does not break any new ground...

  3. Never thought I'd see the day.

    Poor Waylon is probably turning over in his grave to learn that he's been featured on YOUR blog, LC!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Had you ever heard that song before? Curious what you think of it...

  4. I've seen these posts before, but not commented. WOW! To that Cd collection.

    Also, not sure I want to admit it, but I have seen this movie.

    1. Some might call the collection obsessive...but when other people had families and I didn't, I had to do something to occupy my time.

      The movie was silly, but it has it's moments.

      I like the scene where Mickey Rourke has that giant handgun and means to rescue Don Johnson who is the Baldwin brothers' hostage. Johnson says, "Oh shit, I'm a dead man!"

      The roof scene in Vegas cracks me up, too ("I'd rather be shot than smushed")

      Other than that, it's pretty predictable action movie fare, but a harmless way to while away 90 minutes....

  5. Did I miss your BOTB winners? And the previous post about Uriah Heep--I didn't see a place to comment. I had no idea they were still an active band. In the early 70's they were one of my favorites.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Lee- you must not read the "small print" in my BOTB posts...I never do a "tally-the-votes" post (rebel that I am).

      But I'll save you the trip back, counting my vote for Leon, it was Leon-7, George-2

      I did a review of a Heep release a few years back-they've remained active but I think most of their sales come in Europe.


  6. LC, "Muh Bruhthuh" (as Robert Barone once said to Raymond Barone during Robert's 'African-American period') ~

    First... gotcher Email. Started workin' on a reply at work last night and will get it to you no later than tomorrow. (One thing that I link to in that E momentarily made me consider starting a new blog - a Spiritual / Religion blog. I thought about it for several minutes, but then... "I got better". Ha!)

    Yes, I've heard this song before. But only because you linked me to it 2 or 3 years ago. (Embarrassed in the Xtreme to admit that YOU ever introduced ME to a Waylon song I hadn't heard! ...They shoot horses don't they? Then, please, someone shoot me - a horse's ass.)

    Waylon had a deep, masculine voice but it was also very expressive - two things that don't often go hand in hand. ('I Forget Who' once said Waylon was the best singer Country-Western music has ever had, and I TOTALLY agree!)

    I like 'Hardline' pretty well, but there are a great many Waylon songs I like better. Not really sure what it is about this one that grabs you so, but if you like this you ought to like MOST of his music.

    On more than one occasion, Waylon has said that his favorite of his own recordings is THIS:

    It's another slow ballad and I like it OK, but it wouldn't even make my Top 40 Waylon Songs list. But if you like 'Hardline', you should also like that one quite a bit.

    FUN FACT (as Beer Boy Bryan likes to say): While I was eating dinner in the employee cafe today - at about 1:00 AM - the TV was on some movie channel (I think it's called "Encore"???) and the movie that was playing was 'HARLEY DAVIDSON & THE MARLBORO MAN'. I couldn't believe it, because I'd never even heard of it before, until you first mentioned it years ago in connection with the Waylon song.

    What were the odds I'd find it playing at work only about 6 hours after reading your reply to my comment here?

    The scene I saw while eating dinner (at about 1 AM) is where Harley and Marlboro walk into a bank in downtown Los Angeles to extort money from the banker. Marl says he learned two things from his Dad: "Never chase buses and women".

    The banker's goons are waiting for the "buddies" but for some reason he calls the goons off (Buddies obviously had something on the banker that he couldn't risk becoming known).

    What little I saw was... bad. Just the dialogue alone was... bad.

    I'll bet Waylon's Mom was glad they didn't show her son's face on the screen in THAT one.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'