Friday, March 11, 2011


I purchased "For Lack Of Honest Work" at the merchandise table at the Akron "Todd/Healing" show. How could I pass up a chance to make small talk with Todd's wife and son? And I was pre-ordering the Toddstock DVD anyway, so while I had the credit card out...

Featuring performances recorded across four decades and spanning at least two continents, FLOHW kicks off a new Todd archives project (after the Japanese Victor and Sanctuary UK efforts earlier this decade).

The sound quality is good and there is good variety, although this collection teases the listener who will want the full concert performances. A fair amount of these recordings are represented by those earlier "bootleg" series, so die hard fans (who else is buying this collection) already have them. Fortunately, the three CD set is reasonably priced, so the listener gets a fair amount of new material for the price (although I pretty much had everything on various radio shows I'd recorded and "import" releases (ok, bootlegs-I've still bought every legitimate recording Todd's appeared on three or four times).

Hopefully this will develop into future releases and not go the way of the rumored "Artifacts" box set, the AWATS dvd, etc.

Todd is a genius, but sometimes his attention span causes him to abandon projects and leave money on the table. His fan base isn't getting any younger, either. He ought to release product now while we've got incomes.


  1. >>.....And I was pre-ordering the Toddstock DVD anyway, so while I had the credit card out...

    Ha!-Ha! Credit cards just make it SOooo (TOO!) easy, don't they?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Your last statement makes so much sense. It's funny in a sad but true way.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Stephen-

    Were it not for credit cards and the internet, I would have a more sensible CD collection, and a more sensible savings account.


    It's funny that TR does not finish things, as I know he can use the cash. He does have a fan base that is far more rabid than me. Last year, I met people who were out of work that were travelling to five or six cities to see him do the same show. I just can't see incurring debt like that. But they obviously keep Todd's finances afloat.


  4. I didn't know of TR's money woes, I wouldn't have thought him having them, but I guess it happens to the best of us these days. I thought he was dj-ing there for a while. I didn't know of the Toddstock DVD.

  5. EV-

    I think the money woes were (are?) tax-related. If you go to

    and watch the current episode (from Todd's house in Hawaii), he's certainly living good. I lived in Todd's hometown of Upper Darby, PA (a Philly suburb) and there were no beaches or reflecting pools that I remember.

    But Todd's music has given me a lot of enjoyment, so I don't complain or judge.

    The Toddstock DVD was interesting, but not something I see myself watching a lot. I was hoping for a live performance of the "Arena" album in its entirety.