Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's not Todd Rundgren, but an incredible simulation.

Veteran rocker Todd Rundgren is planning to launch his own tribute band so he can retire from touring after almost 45 years on the road.

The songwriter/producer began his career with Nazz in 1967 before going solo two years later.

He is still regularly touring and recording at the age of 63, but admits the rigours of life on the road are wearing him down - and he's considering finding an impersonator to take his place at concerts.

Rundgren tells Mojo magazine, "I'm 63 years old and there's a limit to what I can do physically. So I'm thinking ahead: how can I alter what I do in order to accommodate that without compromising any of it?

"The hardest part of it now is the travelling - it's getting to the gig. So I'm thinking about starting my own tribute bands. They can go out to work."

Now there have been other bands with successful tribute bands, but they tend to be acts that sell quite a few more concert tickets than Todd.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show has been touring the globe for years putting on shows that are quite good (I saw their Wall and DSTOM shows and was pretty impressed).

Brian May has been interviewed as looking to form an authorized tribute band for Queen some twenty years after Freddie Mercury's death.

A few months ago, I guest-posted on Tossing It Out  and the topic was ghost writers-keeping an author's fiction series alive after the author's death.

This looks to be the musical equivalent of that phenomena.

So maybe it won't be long before I curl up with a Spenser tribute novel while listening to a Todd tribute band.

But I'll be wearing an Australian Pink Floyd tee shirt!

For books I was on the fence-for music there is no question in my mind. When the musician has had enough, it should end.

Todd-when you retire, I'm going to be sad.

But you weren't exactly setting sales records - what makes you think a tribute band would do any better?

My idea? Don't travel. Continue to write and record, and do some local shows each year.

Let the fans come to you.

Heck, you live in Hawaii.

You had fans building vacations around Akron, Ohio. They'd probably be willing to vacation in Hawaii.


  1. Sounds good to me. Roadtrip to Hawaii...and Rundgren.
    I agree with you about him retiring. Just stay home and produce music for the hard core fan. That would be great. I don't really want to see any dopplegangers.


  2. This is weird. Are you being serious. A Todd Rundgren franchise? How about one in every city. McTodd's. This sounds like a put on.

    Would you pay money to see Fraud Rundgren?

    On 12/12—Blogging advice from a blogging expert (no it’s not me)
    Tossing It Out

  3. Jimmy-

    Maybe if he stayed home I wouldn't have to wait so long between albums!


    I kid you not. Queen is doing the same thing.

    I might pay a nominal amount to see them if they were in AZ, but I've travelled across the country to see TR, and would go to Hawaii to see him.

    I'd have gone to his 60th birthday bash in Hawaii but there was not enough lead time bewteen my invite and the event to get a decent airfare.

    But travel to see a tribute band? Not going to happen.