Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Todd Rundgren played Phoenix, Arizona on Friday July 11, 2008, touring his forthcoming "Arena" album (shameless plug intended)-but more on that for another blog. The ticket said, plus special guest Wensday. "Wensday?"

My first thought was, "these guys can't spell." For some reason, I was expecting a folk singer. When the band took the stage, and a sultry rocker took the stage, I was a bit surprised. Then she began to sing, and I was blown away.


A chanteuse one minute and a metal vixen the next, singer/songwriter Wensday's debut album, "Torch Rock," suffers from multiple personalities in a great way. She effortlessly slips between genres, invoking elements of rock, jazz, blues, country-you name it-into an album that defies categorization.

Produced by songwriter and guitarist Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Kiss, Aerosmith, among many others), who also wrote or co-wrote all 13 tracks, the CD features a who's-who of musicians from various genres . The guest list includes Nils Lofgren who has amassed a fairly impressive solo catalog, played with Neil Young and spent a few years in something called the E Street Band, and puts Wensday in some very distinguished company.

A highlight of both the CD and the live show is Wensday's heartfelt rendition of Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed," with its message of ending domestic violence.

At the end of the first song, I ran out to the lobby to buy her CD, as I wanted to make sure I got my mitts on a copy. Sadly, to do so, I missed half of the second song.

But I got one.

You should, too.

This album is very, very good, and I recommend it highly, but you've got to hear this lady live to fully appreciate her voice. So if she's playing near you, go see her.


Watch Only Women Bleed

Watch Bulldog Blues

Watch A Bullet For A Kiss

Watch Be My Lover

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5/3/11  I wanted to add a comment to this post. Dick Wagner, the producer of this gem, posted a comment (so now I have industry credibility-ya hear that Billboard?) that reminded me that Wensday was considered for 9 Grammy categories.

Not a bad Grammy showing for a debut album huh?

Also, no one noticed that I posted about Wensday on a Wednesday...


  1. I am the Dick Wagner you so kindly recognized in "Torch Rock" the beautifully reviewed CD by "Wensday", My most favored girl singer, cum stand up girl comic, who's live shows take you on a great musical adventure, as well as a not so subtle expression of young woman turns body piercer turns jazz singer turns multi genre Torch/Rock singer and recording artist, who was considered in 9 categories at the 2009 Grammy awards,turned an act you must see, as she breaks through apathy and complacency to blow you away with her soul and swing meets rock the house captivating arrangements of "I put a spell on you and "Why don'tcha do Right? Right?Damn Right.I am proud to have been her producer and writer on the Torch Rock CD. Wensday is up there with the best and is funny and brilliant and truly unpredictable, which adds up to what musical entertainment needs today Check Wensday will be transformed, as was I.
    Dick Wagner

  2. Dick-

    I'm honored you stopped by-and quite frankly amazed you were even able to find the blog.

    When I saw Wensday open for Todd Rundgren I was blown away by her voice. The only similar experience I remember having was hearing Andrew Strong's voice in "The Committments" movie.

    I am not sure if a follow-up is in the works, but I am hoping I have not heard the last of this lady.

    Thanks for the kind words!