Friday, April 15, 2011


Another covers album-does ANYBODY write songs anymore? At least the Mountain album, "Masters Of War," has a (sort-of) theme-it's all Dylan covers.

I think I've documented my opinion of covers albums pretty well in past blog entries so I'll spare you fatihful readers. Come to think of it, do I have any faithful readers?

"America's first heavy metal band" has arguably applied a healthy dose of audacity to their entry in the seemingly endless wave of covers albums by aging artists, by recruiting Ozzy Osbourne (who recently completed his OWN covers album) to duet on the title track.

Now one might find the idea of Mountain covering Dylan to be somewhat of a mismatch.

The album finds Leslie West, Corky Laing and Richie Scarlet thumping and yelling their way through percussive, electric versions of Bob Dylan classics. In addition to the aggressive playing on the album, the production is big and powerful. The album is housed nicely in a digipak for you eco-sensitive listeners.

All in all, not bad for a covers disc.

Listen to Masters Of War
Listen to Blowin' In The Wind


  1. I think I still have one of their old records somewhere.
    And great interview at Lee's site this week!

  2. Thanks, Alex-

    It is kind of funny to see these old 60's and 70's rockers still rocking in their 60's and 70's!


    Finally, an album I've actually heard (but only because I borrowed your copy of it).

    >>> . . . Now one might find the idea of Mountain covering Dylan to be somewhat of a mismatch.

    True. On paper it comes off as an unlikely pairing, but it actually works surprisingly well (although I think the album is probably best listened to in perhaps two sessions, rather than taken all at once).

    >>> . . . . "America's first heavy metal band"

    Good call on what is an interesting trivia question.

    When I read that, my first thought was: 'What about Steppenwolf - the band who coined the musical term Heavy Metal?'

    So I looked it up. Although Steppenwolf came first (had 4 Top-40 hits prior to 1970), and was formed in Los Angeles in '67, John Kay, the band's unofficial leader was born in East Germany and the majority of the remaining musicians were formerly members of a Canadian band.

    My second thought was: 'What about Blue Oyster Cult?' Looked it up. They came together in New York in 1970. But, Mountain's hit "Mississippi Queen" first reached the Top-40 charts in June of 1970, so we can safely assume the band had probably formed prior to '70.

    I suppose it depends upon how one determines the origin of a band. Is it the birthplace of the musicians? (And if so, what if they came from various nations?) Or is it the location where the band first formed?

    If it's the latter, then Steppenwolf might arguably be America's first Heavy Metal band.

    Regardless, in this case, I think I'll side with you and agree that Mountain is America's first such group, since they were truly "American-born". Interesting question though, Bro.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Stephen-

    Note that the heavy metal band line is in quotes-I think it was on their site (or in the liner notes). I too might have gone with Steppenwolf.


    Aren't you too young to know who Mountain is? Or a record for that matter? I thought it was just us old graybeards who remembered such things!