Monday, January 31, 2011


Review originally posted on on June 29, 2007


Anyone who has read my review of Def Leppard's "Yeah!" release already knows how I feel about covers albums. This is an album of covers by one songwriter. Guess what my opinion of this concept is?

One saving grace is that The Seeger Sessions follows close on the heels of Devils And Dust, so Bruce did not make us wait three plus years for this. Come to think of it, he has been somewhat prolific of late compared to his earlier years.

The seeds for this album were planted back in 1997 when Bruce contributed a song to a Pete Seeger tribute album. Bruce felt the need to one-up that concept, so he assembled a band and cut this album in three one-day sessions. These songs do go a long way towards capturing the breadth of American song, and the embodiment of folk's evolution.

This is not a bad album, and although it won't stay in rotation in my CD player as long as it may deserve, is does show Bruce aging gracefully and perhaps being passed the baton as the voice of American folk.

Sadly, Bruce has also taken to preaching his Socialist politics at concerts, which alienates those of us in his audience who do not share his view and just want to hear him play. Sorry Bruce, but when you rant against those nasty rich people-from where I'm sitting, you're one of 'em!

In 2007, Bruce released a double live disc (and DVD) of the Seeger Sessions band (in Dublin), performing tracks off the album and Springsteen originals rearranged to suit this lineup. A good souvenir of the live shows, and a good companion piece to a good album. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that rumoured E Street Band album coming later in the year...


    >>.....Sadly, Bruce has also taken to preaching his Socialist politics at concerts, which alienates those of us in his audience who do not share his view

    Pete Seeger was an ideal musician for Springsteen to honor, what with Springsteen's socialist politics and Pete Seeger's fullfledged Communistic views. It would have made for a great marriage if one of them had been born female!

    Pete's also the chap who wanted to take an axe to the cable when Dylan played electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

    Seeger claimed later that he was merely upset at the bad sound mix, distorting Dylan's lyrics, but some (myself included) believe he couldn't stand the sight of Dylan's evolution.

    And this theory, of course, fits right in with the "control freak" nature of communists in general.

    As my old buddy A-DogG once wrote:

    Nonincongrutiating (synonymous with Congrutiating):
    Listening to Pete Seeger while reading Chomsky (I think my head would explode!!).

    ~ The Anti-Seeger, Anti-Springsteen Stephen

  2. McRightWing-

    Somehow I KNEW you'd post a comment that was twice as long as the original post.

    Well I can't say I am anti-Springsteen, but he and I certainly do not share a political view, and I feel the same way about him as we've discussed about Lennon.

    Bruce, if you're so fired up about sharing, why not sell some of those real estate properties and donate the cash?

    I am so sick of hearing rich stars talk about the "working man."

    Bruce-you gross more in ONE CONCERT than I will earn in my life.

    As Frank Zappa said, "Shut up and play yer guitar!"