Saturday, January 15, 2011


Review originally posted on on June 28, 2007

Who says rock and roll is dead?

I saw these guys live as the opening act for Tesla and they blew me away. Not just because of Sally Hope, the PYT playing bass-they rocked! So I picked up their EP at the merchandise table.

This is what rock and roll should look and sound like. From the start these guys get your attention-the songs are delivered with a killer groove and constant energy, and the catchy lyrics stick in your head.

The lyrics are really well written, the music itself is brilliantly arranged, and it is hard to pick out a favorite song off of the album.

This album is hard-rockin', freeway drivin' with the top down rock-n-roll- the sound is so ultra-clear and clean that you miss out on some of the raw intensity and dirty-noise that you feel in their live performances. 

Poets and Pornstars' debut is a shot of pure rock and roll adrenaline. If you can't find this EP, look for the major label release.

As I re-post this, both of these CD's are out-of-print and the band broken up. Too bad-this was a good one.

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