Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The Holy Goats are Todd McCullough on lead vocals and guitar, Pete Scott's on lead guitar, Steve Crawley on drums and Priscilla Selgas and Rebecca McLelland-Crawley on backing vocals. They sound like the second coming of Bad Company getting shotgun-wed to the Black Crowes, with some Humble Pie and Grand Funk swimming in the gene pool . The Holy Goats prove to be worthy of these comparisons, bringing back the essential ingredients of rock and serving them up with a straight shot of blues. With soul-driven vocals and harmonies added to raw riff rockin' guitars, the Goats kick power blues rock into overdrive, taking the retro rock sound to the next level.

Somehow their debut release was overlooked by the music biz-I am always on the lookout for great new music, and The Holy Goats deliver. Their sound blends rich and soulful vocals, impressive blues-inspired guitar riffs and solos, a tight rhythm section into a 12 pack of great songs that helps you get your hillbilly on. Great musicianship and songwriting-this one leaves you wanting more!

I've had this in the car for a few days, and have not gotten bored with it. If you like good old rock and roll with attitude and want to tap the steering wheel a little harder on the way home, these guys are just what the doctor ordered. Available at CDBaby, as is their follow-up, "Next Round."


  1. Where in the world to you find this stuff? I used to keep up with new music but I guess lately I've been "Living in the Past" to quote McCarthy's favorite rock group. Seems like I listen to more old stuff than I do new stuff.

    This group sounds like a blast from the past so I guess I'd probably like it. CD Baby offers some pretty interesting stuff, but I haven't been on their site lately. I can get lost for hours on CD Baby.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Lee-

    Other people have wives and children....I listen to music and go to concerts.

    I also spend a fair amount of time searching the internet for music and reading reviews.

    I still listen to more old than new as well, but I keep an eye out for new....


  3. We saw these guys in Pennsy at a biker show. It was a wild night!Wow! Priscilla! what a great soulful singer! We met the lead singer and had a beer with the band. Cheers!